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Why Is the Mayor So Opposed to Mary Shkut's Appointment?

A Simple but Important Question Remains: Shkut had a very good relationship with Pollino & Dispenziere - running Pollino's first two mayoral campaigns and Dispenziere's last campaign. So what's changed? Answer: POV on Ethics.



The Question That Remain

We wanted things to work out. I know, personally, Mary was ready to put everything aside and work forward, in a mature and positive way.Instead, the Council did just what I expected and responded badly. In fact - many of us are more concerned about this Village's leadership than before.The conduct of this current Marvin leadership concerns us. (See our running list of concerning conduct.)

A Simple Question Remains: Mary had a good relationship with Pollino and Dispenziere... She ran the Mayor's first two campaigns and Dispenziere's last campaign.

These relationships only changed in 2015 once Pollino began allowing developer friends to negotiate public projects on the Village's behalf. Meanwhile, Pollino began evading proper processes and refused calls from fellow Council members and officials to be more transparent. (Hear meeting audios between 12/2016 - 01 / 2017) Councilors Salimao, Epps, Beaty & and Planning Board Chairperson, Shkut, began urging the Mayor to step back from controversial projects and planning board appointments. Pollino's refusal to do so lead to more and more questioning from officials, with regard to the Mayor's interests, and the interests of those he wanted involved in Village development business. Only once this dynamic developed did relationships with Pollino begin to falter. And, they have faltered ever since...

So, here's what all members of the public should keep asking over, and over...

"Why are the newest majority members of this Council and the Planning Board so afraid of Mary Shkut's appointment to the Village Council? What does she know and from what forces is she is trying to protect the Village?

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