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What Can Residents Do About the Charter Change?

The Answer? The Referendum Petition. The law gives citizens a unique way of forcing a city charter amendment to a vote of the people! And, your fellow residents of Marvin have already begun!


In the next week or so you can help guarantee we have a voice...

  • You will receive a pink petition in your mailbox, or

  • You can download one from participating websites

  • Have all registered voters in your household sign

  • Returned the signed petition form by either...

  • Mailing it to the P.O. Box on the envelope, or

  • Drop it in a 'drop-off box' in your neighborhood

  • The Referendum Petition Group will do the rest!


We will need to gather hundreds of signature in thirty-days!

Your energy and participation will be welcomed!

If you are willing to host a 'drop-off box' in your neighborhood, or

If can help distribute petitions to mailboxes in your neighborhood

Email the Marvin Referendum Petition Group!


How Does the Referendum Petition Work?

Here is an Overview of the Process

The following overview is based on the procedures outlined in the North Carolina General Statues §§160A-102 & 160A-103

  • The Council can initiate a Charter amendment

  • The changes must be in accordance with changes allowed

  • Only certain changes are permitted and listed in the statute

  • First the Council must hold a public hearing on the amendment

  • At the meeting, following the public hearing the Council can vote

  • The Charter amendment must be made effective on one of these options:

(a) A vote of the people, a.k.a. a referendum

(b) A vote on the ordinance, subject to a referendum petition

  • Marvin's Council majority has, so far, opted for option (b)

So, the Council's Amendment is Subject to a Referendum Petition.

But What Does that Mean?

  • The Council cannot put the ordinance immediately into effect

  • Citizen's must have an opportunity to force a referendum

  • After Council adopts the ordinance a notice must be published

  • The notice must be published in the newspaper within 10 days

  • A petition can be submitted within 30 days of the notice

What are the referendum petition requirements?

  • A petition request form must be submitted to the Board of Elections

  • The petition signature page must be addressed to the municipal Council

  • The petition must reference the ordinance to be forced to a referendum

  • Only voters registered to vote in a Marvin election are qualified to sign

  • Registered voters must provide their signature and address in permanent ink

  • Signatures are required from at least ten percent (10%) of registered voters

  • Original copies are required, digital copies are not permitted

  • Signatures must be provided no later than 30 days after 'notification of adoption'

What Happens After We Turn In the Signatures?

Once submitted, the Board of Election will verify all signatures. If the required number of signatures were provided, the petition will be certified

  • If a petition is not-certified, the charter amendment goes into effect and no reversal can be introduced for up to two years

  • If a petition is certified, the Council must place the item on the ballot. Per our interpretation of the statutes, this will be scheduled for next November.


Want to More Details About the Process?

Read the Review Below or download this recommended overview


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