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Citizen Engages Neighbors to Support His Wife - Mary Shkut

Dear Friends, Neighbors & Community Members, Last week I wrote to ask for community support. Thank you for leaving such great messages and petition signatures. We could still use a few more if you have a minute. Here is the link to the petition on Mary's website, and a few of the comments that have been left for her. The Council Member Appointment Mary has been a long-time volunteer in Marvin - mostly as Chairperson of the Planning Board. After careful deliberation she accepted an appointment to the Marvin Council. Now she has been told she may be forcibly removed and / or arrested for trying to fulfill the duties of her office. (Last week's letter) Many have already attested to her tireless work, on behalf of the Village. She is transparent, ethical, puts people first, all while upholding rules and laws. (See her comment page.) Mary has made efforts to reach the Council majority, and appeal to their sense of reason. However, it has not worked. (Mary's letter to Council / Mary's invitation to pass the budget) The Village Shut-Down Council meetings agendas so far have made it clear, the Council majority intends to vacate her seat and usurp her office. However, the June meetings were all cancelled at the last minute. When the Council majority failed to attend meetings, and pass the city budget by the State deadline, the Village was forced to shut-down. Most recently, the State's Local Government Commission weighed in and none of this looks good on Marvin. (See NC LGC Letter Council.) We want to express our regrets to those who have not been able to receive permits, or to those who have lost services, or use the park - especially those who invested so much in the park's community gardens. Marvin's Firethorne Country Club was able to navigate around the Village shut-down after all. The Union County Board of Commissioners approved a last-minute fireworks permit, on a special meeting agenda, so Firethorne would not suffer any consequences. Two members of this Council majority also happen to be long-time members of Firethorne. Yet, other permits still haven't passed. Tuesday's Council Meeting We don't know what to expect at Tuesday's Council meeting... The vacancy issue (which is the seat Mary lawfully occupies) is still on the agenda for this Tuesday. Attorneys have told us to be prepared. I, for one, am tired of people trying to bully her out of 12-years of service -- all because the values she represents (on behalf of residents) are inconvenient to those lobbying for other interests. The meeting agenda suggests, even if they choose to accept her appointment, they'll try to pass rules to keep her from fully participating. (See Section 11). The longer this conduct continues, the more we should be asking ourselves: "Why? What is this Council afraid of?" We hope you will consider either attending the meeting, signing the petition or submitting a written comment of support to be submitted to the Council. You'll find the links below and we'd appreciate it more than you know!

The Council Meeting is scheduled for this

Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. Village Hall / Banks Presbyterian Church (Sanctuary)

Gratefully yours, Mike Shkut P.S. Special thanks to Councilman Robert Epps. He has been supportive, objective and ethical!

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