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Referendum Petition Information

We have been happy to host the Marvin Referendum Petition Group!

Now, the group has created a website of their own! 

Click the button, above or below, to visit their website!

Check Your Newspaper Box for Your 'Pink Petition Packet'

This page will provide essential information and updates from the Referendum Petition effort.

Visit the MRP Group's website for more information.

The Essential Facts & Instructions

Below is general information about the referendum petition effort.

Go to Marvin Referendum Petition Group website for more information.

▪︎  The Village needs signatures from 20% of voters in each Marvin subdivision

▪︎  Petitions will be delivered in pink envelopes to newspaper boxes  

▪︎  You can download and print a petition signature page below

▪︎  You can download and print a petition instruction sheet below

▪︎  Drop-off boxes are set-up in most subdivision. Find yours below.

▪︎  Petitioners can also mail signed petitions to the address below.

▪︎  Petitioners have until Nov. 4 to submit their signed petition forms

▪︎  Petitioners must use and submit original signatures, in ink.

▪︎  The group is willing to pick-up signed petitions. Email them for pick-up 

▪︎  If you have a question, send volunteers an email and they'll get back to you

If you have questions, send an email to

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