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Citizen's Flyer: Charter Amendment & Village Center Sketch Plan


Received May 5, 2020

Recent Village citizen flyer regarding the following two issues: 

(a) Council proposes 2020 Charter Amendment again, without a citizen's referendum

(b) Council and the Planning Board propose a new and massive Village Center shopping complex.

Marvin Council of 2019 Bingo Card (The Watch Dog Checklist)


Originally Posted Nov. 8, 2019

A list of things for citizen's to watch for, from the Marvin Council of 2019. Based on a pattern of behavior, and particular agenda, which Pollino and his Firethorne CC friends have pursued since his re-election in 2017. Upon this re-election, Pollino began ignoring ethical considerations and pushing for the appointment of his friends, like Michael Lavelle (commercial real estate developer) to the Marvin Planning Board. The appointments of other Firethorne Country Club associates quickly followed and the FCC centered agenda has continued since 2017. Download the bingo card!

Upcoming Events


TUE. MAY 12, 06:30 PM

Village Council Meeting


1. Charter Amendment Proposed

without a Voter's Referendum

2. Council / Planning Brd. Propose Massive Village Center Complex

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