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Election Results

- Mr. Robert Epps was elected to one of the open Village Council positions by a decisive vote.

- Two of three positions were decided by hand counts and recounts:

- Mayor Pollino narrowly won his seat by only ~~ votes, in a race against 'write-in' candidate, Heather Dannenberg

- Kim Vandenberg narrowly won her seat by only ~~ votes, in a race against candidate Marc Curtis

- Therefore, the Council now consists of Mayor Pollino, Ron Salimao, Nick Dispenziere, Robert Epps and Kim Vandenberg

   For important context, read here or previous publications here.

WEEK 1, 2 & 3

Termination of Long-Standing Resident Planning Board Guardian - Mary Shkut

- Pollino, Dispenziere & Vandenberg terminated long-time Marvin Village Planning guardian, Mary Shkut

- Shkut is best known for her thorough knowledge of process and ordinances and laws

- She also known for being fair but firm with developers; asking developers to be accountable to Village residents

- She also known for spending her own time helping subdivision residents, with planning issues and legal issues

- She has also spent her own time providing landowners assistance with development ordinance compliant development

- Lastly, she has advocated for ordinance changes, that were mutually beneficial for the Village and developers

- Upon firing Mary Shkut, and Dispenziere stated: "I don't care what the people think [about this]. I'm not running again."

Conflicts of Interest & Planning Board Takeover 

- Michael Lavelle, Commercial Developer with Conflicts of Interest, was reappointed to the Planning Board

- Pollino, Dispenziere & Vandenberg (& Michael Lavelle) stocked the Planning Board with commercial developers

- Pollino, Dispenziere & Vandenberg stocked new members to the Planning Board, to secure a Planning Board majority

- The new appointees are:

Mr. Michael Lavelle - Controversial Commercial Developer (See business documents here.)

Mr. John Jones - In favor of Commercial Development 

Mr. Dave Peterson - Marketing Person (See business documents here.)

Mr. Dale Bishop - Real Estate Agent in favor of Commercial Development (See business documents here.)


Reinstatement of Unqualified Staff

- Pollino, Dispenziere & Vandenberg re-hired Village Clerk Barbie Blackwell, a staunch Pollino supporter,

- She was rehired despite being presented with serious lies on here Village application

- She was also rehired after being presented with an extensive list of issues with her experience and knowledge

Village Hall & City Property

- Pollino, Dispenziere & Vandenberg are exploring ways to abandon Village Hall development on city's Marvin-School Rd.

  property.  (Moving this city project to another cite, would leave the property open for commercial development.)

- This move would leave the Village property open for:

(a) leave the property available for commercial development of another type

(b) leave the property available for sale to other commercial developers


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