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Welcome! From The Marvin Village News Team...

We are a small group of Marvin residents, representing between 17 to 28 families. We work to bring residents news we believe is important when it arises. Some information can be garnered by reading Council meeting minutes online. However, we have found the posting of minutes to be slower than residents might need and they don't necessarily capture the content, or the context, of important Council actions -- particularly when the Council majority, themselves, can edit and adopt those minutes.   

Most times we aim to provide high-level assessments of what's transpiring. It it is of the utmost importance to provide primary sources and links to official public records in order to support each story we publish. This ensures readers can get high-level summaries as well as the opportunity to assess primary sources for themselves. That said, our writers can often provide historical and political context villagers might not otherwise get.

Let us know if you are looking for more documentation or additional support for anything we've published. If you're interested in joining our team, or writing something grounded in fact, supported by records and in the public interest, please email us.


The Marvin Village News Team &
Marvin Families for Good Government

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Our Philosophy

We believe news must be truthful, grounded in fact; both present-day fact and historical fact. Yet, news is not always 'neutral'. Unfortunately, not all news stories can be treated with neutral effect. When bad things get in the way of good government, we feel it's our duty to report it as we see it.


Because we believe that democracy dies in darkness, we are committed to news which is "Truthful, Not Neutral". The good news is, when citizens are put on notice, government officials are held to proper account, and when officials are held to account, government is much more effective.

Our History

Every writer that puts together a summary or story for us has lived in the Village for at least five years. Additionally, we almost always check our news and policy stories with officials in the Village who can provide historical context or provide essential facts; using public records and primary sources.

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We believe historical context is important. If there is something you don't fully understand, let us know and we'd be happy to provide more information

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